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2 Day Children Mental Health and Well Being Ambassador
Annual Refresher - First Aid
Children Mental Health and Well Being bespoke modules
Construction with CSCS Green card
Conversion (B2B if license has been gained within the last 30 days)
CSCS Maximus
Emergency first aid
Emergency Paediatric First Aid
Experienced FLT Counterbalance
Experienced FLT Reach
First Aid at Work
First Aid for Parents and Child Carers
FLT - counterbalance/reach/PED/novice/experienced/refresher
FLT CB Conversion
FLT re-familiarisation and confidence building session - 1 hour
Mental health awareness
Novice FLT Counterbalance (for someone with no experience)
Novice FLT Reach (for someone with no experience)
Paediatric First Aid
Refresher course Counterbalance
Refresher course – Reach
Resilience 1 day
Stress, Anxiety and Coping Mechanisms
Stress, anxiety and coping mechanisms - online
Workplace mental health ambassador
Workplace mental health and well being ambassador

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